IP Camera Image Recording Service – Review provides a service that allows you to upload your camera pictures from an IP Camera that supports FTP. This allows you to store your video for up to a couple of months, depending on what kind of subscription you choose. It is free to setup an account and add cameras, but your storage is limited to only three days with a free account.

I opted for the $6/month plan which allows me to store my captured stills for up to two weeks. Two weeks is plenty of time for me to select the collection of camera captures and publish the video to YouTube using their easy to use interface. Uploads to YouTube are extremely fast because you are not downloading the video to your computer and then uploading to YouTube, you are simply using their Web interface to push the video to YouTube – I could see this being a major plus for those who may live in an area without large bandwidth to play with.

Once configured, your camera will continue to send your captures to per the instructions that you give it. It follows the whole idea of “Set it and Forget it.” The setup is very straightforward and gives you a username and password for each camera, allowing you to manage each camera individually. Currently, I only have one camera, but that will change.

I also like the fact that I can access my video from any remote location and go back to yesterday or the day before if I want to make comparisons. My camera manufacturer included some software for viewing my camera real-time and of course, I could record locally at my house; but what if someone breaks in and takes my server? Sure, I would have taken footage of the break-in, but they will end up with some great footage of themselves taking my stuff, completely defeating the purpose of having the camera in the first place. This is why it is so important to have off-site storage for your cameras.

I sent some e-mails to asking support questions to test their support staff’s response time and I was very pleasantly surprised. They responded within about 20 minutes; honestly, I was expecting some kind of auto-generated message telling me that they would get to me in 24-48 hours.

If you have IP Cameras, I highly recommend – It is a very nice service and about the price of a cheeseburger per month, but could prove to be invaluable.

Here is a video that I uploaded directly from to YouTube. Once you link your YouTube account to your Sensr account, it just takes a mouse-click to upload to YouTube, you can’t make it any easier!