Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

I received my Raspberry Pi last week. Above is a picture of what is inside of the package.


I plan to update this page once I have had more time to play with the Raspberry Pi.


Stay tuned. 


21 August 2012 – Update on Raspberry Pi


My experience with the Raspberry Pi ended up being not so spectacular. Yes, the concept is pretty cool, but in the end, I found that the limitation on RAM left me turning circles in a box.


If you are looking for a $25 computer, there is no better choice, but I was looking for a media client to serve out my media from my media server. The Raspeberry Pi was just not up to the task.


With the volume of media that I have, it took 20-30 minutes just to index what I have in inventory, so it was very slow and cumbersome.


I was running XBMC and had tried to streamline it as much as possible in order to eliminate needless spooling, but nonetheless, the Raspberry Pi could just not handle the task.


Given the current price for a Raspberry Pi on eBay, I listed mine and it sold at a decent profit.


I will likely try again if they improve the capacity, otherwise, I have concluded that this is not a viable option to build XBMC when dealing with large amounts of data to load.