D-Link DCS-932 IP Camera Review

TP-Link IP Camera

I picked up this camera at Office Depot a couple of days ago in order to record traffic outside of my home. Link to the Manufacturer’s website: http://mydlink.dlink.com/products/DCS-932L


First Impressions:

Upon first inspection, I was surprised at how small this camera is. It is well constructed and even includes mounting screws and drywall anchors for mounting. I chose to use wood screws for my installation, for what it’s worth. The camera took me about 5 minutes to configure and get online. I chose not to use the Installation disk and preferred the manual method of installation. I use Linux at home, so I would have had to use a Windows Machine or a Mac in order to use the installation disk from D-Link.

Of course, I played with all of the configurations and got to know the control UI more than most would probably care to play with. Again, all of the configuration options are very cut and dry, so it is a straightforward install.

When you open the GUI to configure the camera, you are greeted with the Live Video feed on the camera. As you can see from the headings on the page, it is very straightforward.

The Setup Tabs include Dynamic DNS, FTP, E-mail, Audio settings, Video settings, Motion Detection, Wireless settings and you can even specify an NTP server for your time. I recommend nist.time.gov and let your tax dollars go to work for you.

After you configure your camera, be sure to fine tune the Motion Detection sensitivity not only under daylight conditions, but in the dark too. I live on a high traffic street, so I had to limit the area that would activate the camera.

View of the Management Console for TP-Link DSC-932

Overall Impression:

Considering this camera runs about $100, I have no complaints. Can I see the crows feet on the guy walking down the sidewalk? No, of course not, but why would I want to? 

I am able to legibly read a license plate when it comes into my driveway, so in my eyes – Mission Accomplished! This camera is definitely for those who want a quality camera but are on a budget.

Below is video that I took with my camera in conjunction with a service provided by Sensr.net This is a site that you can upload camera stills using FTP and then replay them later. This is an excellent service allowing you instant off-site storage. If you have ever had a DVR that got stolen, you know what I mean – you just provided the thieves with some great footage of themselves without being able to help Law Enforcement track them down.