When you sign up for a Free Account with DropBox Online Storage you will get 2gb of free online storage that is secured with your password. This Dropbox account is great if you have multiple computers and/or you plan to share large files with friends.

Once you have setup an account, you will be able to upload files to your online folders. I find this particularly useful when I have a large file that I would like to e-mail to people, but it is too large to e-mail. I will simply save it in my Dropbox folder on my desktop and it is automatically synced to my online storage account. Then, I can distribute the link in my e-mail and allow people to download at their leisure.

Another caveat of having a Free DropBox Account is after you signup, you will be given a referral link such as http://db.tt/GN9x3iU Anytime someone signs up for their own DropBox Account using your referral link, you will receive a little more storage space. Currently, I have over 4gb of storage online that I have gotten through referrals.

When traveling, I like to keep important files in my DropBox account so that I can access them from my iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac or Linux machine. DropBox is also accessible using Android, but this is not a function that I have used at this point.

You can link your DropBox account with multiple computers so that whatever is stored in in your DropBox folder on one computer is the same as all of your computers. The folder automatically syncs all of the data in the DropBox folder on your Desktop with your Online DropBox folder.

 I cannot even begin to express how helpful this when you use multiple platforms at home, work and on the go.

Signup today and start taking advantage of this service!