Photography Rental


As I have been exploring Photography, I came across a small stumbling block – equipment can get expensive and so I saw this as a limitation to exploring new things.


That was until I discovered They rent equipment at very reasonable rates and I have been able to try equipment that I plan to buy to find out if its really what I want.


My best example was that I was looking for an extreme Wide Angle lens and the Nikon 12-24mm lens seemed like it was the cat’s meow. Of course, this lenses costs $2,000. That’s quite a commitment without being able to take a test drive.


A friend mentioned to me and decided to check them out. After speaking to them about my needs, they recommended that I try the Tokina 11-16mm lenses as well to see if that would suit my needs. I decided to try the lenses that they recommended and it was wonderful. Due to the fact that I have a crop sensor on my Nikon D5100, the Tokina lenses is actually a better fit for what I wanted to do.


I was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff at and their service was easy and very affordable.


If you only need a lens or other piece of equipment for a short time or you are looking to try before you buy, I would recommend