Run Your Own Website – Review of WebHostingHub

So, you want to have your own website, but not sure which direction to go with it.

Probably the most important choice will be who is hosting your site. If you want to go with your brother’s friend who has a server in his basement, then you will get what you pay for; however, if you are running a business, down time means money lost.


Up-time is why I chose Webhostinghub. First of all, I was referred to Web Hosting Hub by a friend who uses them for his sites. Not only are they easy to work with, but you can host as many sites on your account as you want. The only restriction is that they do not want you using their servers as file servers, which I can completely understand.

If you want to run a business site and then maybe have a couple of pages for your own interest, then WebHostingHub is the right place for you. When I have needed help, their staff have answered the phone promptly and helped me out.

You do not need to be an internet genius like Al Gore to have a website, it is much easier than you may think.

Check out Web Hosting Hub today!