Samsung 830 Solid State Drive – Review

Samsung 830 Solid State Drive

I cannot say enough about the Samsung 830 Solid State Drive. I recently got one and now I wonder how I managed to deal without it.

Not only is that Solid State Drive a good looking device on the outside, but once you have it configured in your machine, you will be running at lightning speed. If I perform a a reboot, it is about 15 seconds until I am back at my desktop ( running Ubuntu 11.10 w/ Gnome ).

Opening programs that are I/O hogs is actually fun because I am still used to how slow it would take my laptop to access all of the data before opening the program; now, it is click and there. one of the largest programs that I regularly use is Rhythmbox with about 11 GB of music mapped with it.

Before installing the SSD, I was getting Read speeds of about 37 mbps, now, I am in the 270 mbps range.

Hard Drive Metrics Test using Ubuntu

My battery life has almost doubled since I added the SSD due to the lower power requirements. I typically do not use my laptop on battery because it rarely lasts more than 2 hours, but now I am getting about 4.5 hours.

Another thing that I am very excited about is the fact that Samsung rates their SSDs to 1500 G’s, although this is not something that I plan on testing, I can take comfort using my laptop in a moving vehicle while on a bumpy road, even if I get to go back to Kenya again.

So if you have read this far, you are probably asking why I didn’t get one of these sooner? The answer is simple, for a 256gb SSD, you are going to have to put down about $400; while a standard 256gb SATA drive will likely run under $100.

Is it worth it? Well, that’s for your to decide, I am happy as a clam.


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